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Impactful Programs (3E)

Helping others achieve economic self-sufficiency through Entrepreneurship, Education and Employment.

Entrepreneurship is a viable pathway for individuals with a criminal record. They have valuable entrepreneurial skills that can be aligned with the skills needed to launch and grow a small business. 

Be the Change 3E offers entrepreneurial classes to provide education and insights for Returning Citizens to assess whether they have a viable business idea.


Access to knowledge is a key factor in an individuals confidence and readiness for entrepreneurship or employment. Be the Change 3E supports individuals who seek education in their path towards economic self-sufficiency. 

An endowed scholarship exists at Grand Valley State University for students who have been impacted by incarceration. Be the Change 3E directly offers educational grants in small increments to support educational opportunities for those impacted by incarceration.


Employment opportunities is a key driver in economic self-sufficiency. Be the Change 3E will help Returning Citizens navigate resources to find employment. 

Small businesses who are interested in hearing more about connecting with a dependable talent pool can contact us.

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