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Per the most recent study by the Prison Policy Initiative, the unemployment rate among the previously-incarcerated was 27.3% as opposed to 5.2% for the general population. (This was pre-COVID.) Rates were elevated for women and minorities.


For instance, the unemployment rate for white women (23.2%) was 4.8 percentage points higher than that of white men (18.4%). Similarly, the unemployment rate for African American males (35.2%) was nearly double that of white males.


Be the Change 3E supports individuals impacted by incarceration through employment connections. Not all Returning Citizens will an interest or will be able to launch a small business. Be the Change 3E helps Returning Citizens navigate resources to find employment. Going through an entrepreneurship program makes them more employable. Be the Change 3E collaborates with organizations who help place Returning Citizens.


Be the Change 3E educates small businesses on the opportunity to hire Returning Citizens.

Engineer in Factory
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