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Surveys conducted by the Centre for Entrepreneurs (located in Britain)  demonstrate a high level of interest among the prison population in starting a business. 59% of prisoners would like to take an entrepreneurship course in prison, while 79% of prisoners are interested in starting a business – compared to around 40% of the UK population. Be the Change 3E has not found a similar survey in the U.S.



Through entrepreneurship, Returning Citizens have a pathway for economic prosperity for themselves and their families. Entrepreneurship has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional employment opportunities for disadvantaged and marginalized individuals all over the world, including those reentering society from prison or jail. 


It is well documented that those who have been incarcerated have the skills and capabilities of being an entrepreneur. They are risk takers, they have negotiation skills, they have sales skills and they have creativity in ways many of us do not think about.

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