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Statistics indicate that the overall unemployment rate for formerly incarcerated people is at a staggering 27%. This is higher than peak unemployment during the Great Depression. Unemployment among those without a high school credential is much worse, ranging from 25% among white men to 60% among black women.



Be the Change was started in 2016 to increase educational opportunities for students at Grand Valley State University (in Allendale, MI) who have been impacted by incarceration. Annually, the scholarship has well over 100 applicants, validating the need.


Be the Change 3E launched a second educational opportunity in 2021 for individuals who have been impacted by incarceration and seek education to support economic self-sufficiency.  


Be the Change 3E annually raises funds to increase the financial support offered to individuals impacted by incarceration.

Read more about the annual Rummage Sale Fundraiser.

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